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Enlite Training is all about providing high quality fitness coaching that builds your mind and body. Here, we guide and educate you on how to maximize your physical potential.  We Train Hard, but We Train Smart! 


We take pride in meeting you where YOU are in YOUR personal fitness journey. Once an assessment is completed, we will design a customized program which aligns with your movement history, quality, and resilience to suit your lifestyle. The best part of this journey is the Coaching process! We're excited to coach you! Enlite Coaching encompasses a holistic view of behaviors needed to accomplish your personal fitness goals. 


Enlite Training challenges the traditional approach towards fitness coaching. We are committed to educating you and helping you build a foundation of physical vitality that's efficient and effective for you! 


Let's Embrace The Change Together! 


Cornelius Brown, CSCS
Enlite Training CEO/Founder

I am a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in human behavior. I teach men and women how to cultivate a lifestyle of physical activity to contribute to their vitality and overall wellness. When not coaching, you can find me outdoors connecting with nature, positively encouraging a friend I met in passing, enjoying a compelling nonfiction read, or discovering a new adventure to cross off my bucket list. To know me is to know that I'm all about a life that's fulfilled in a multitude of interests and maintaining a healthly and vital lifestyle while doing so. 

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